the sartorialist has landed [at a bookstore near you]

And it is a handy style reference to inspire and engage.  and unlike the blog, you can take it with you. 

Here are some recent fave high-lights:



Chain Gang

Big, fat chain necklaces are about to explode.  Just wait.  Try to stick to highly polished metal or sterling styles to avoid looking too Mr T-- like this lovely little nugget from Michael Kors:
Or, a bit more of a demure style from David Yurman:


Kate Moss....

....really is my style icon beyond all others.  When I saw her new spread in W Magazine, I immediately asked my friends if I could pull off a perm.
And this one called into question my financial ability [and physical endurance] to get about 8 pounds of hair extensions....


Dries Please!

Okay, so I know I have featured Dries Van Noten-- a lot-- so far.... but what you are about to see is the reason why.  His collection for F/W 2009 represents so much of what other designers are missing-- the simple glamour and easy chicness women want in a wardrobe. 

His collection takes from shades of Francis Bacon paintings and has created a modern look that is also quite timeless.  While there are pieces that feature quite heavy prints-- my favorite are the simples rooted in pink, beige and orange with deep reds and mauves. 

Get ready to want to go change your entire wardrobe for the season ahead-- I already have been scouring my favorites for a knee-length camel coat. 


I have a dream...

To one day have a little store of my very own.  To neatly fold clothing and dress forms and wrap pretty clothes in pretty paper and fill out sales ledgers and ring sales to click my nails against buttons.  Of my very own. 

Until then... this is what is keeping me afloat.  Fashion fashion!  And all the inspiration that creates it so. 

Please pass along to those you know would show interest.  Especially those who may also serve as private financial backers looking for a soul to save.