give me liberty prints, or give me death...

ah!  if my dream fashion could be described in two words, 70's summer would do it justice.  i imagine i have long unkempt blonde hair and am running through tall grass in a white gauze dress bursting with small ditsy florals.... which is maybe why liberty prints jump start my heart a bit.  or a lot.  okay, a lot.  florals will never go out of style for me-- nor will i let them be defined by 80's tragedies [no... florals do not make me think of laura ashley.]  they make me think of freedom.  go on-- get free.


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floral inspiration:  fashiongonerogue, studdedhearts, stockholmstreetstyle
shop the look: erdem, stella mccartney, dolce and gabbana [netaporter.com]; joie, alice & olivia [shopbop.com]; stella mccartney, marc jacobs [netaporter.com]


elle norway.

this is one of the prettiest spreads i've seen in a long time.  leave it to norway..... and elle. 




sweet tooth

there is nothing like pastels to bring me back to easter holidays as a child.  the sweetness of jelly beans and robin's eggs.  okay-- maybe i just think about easter candy, but it makes me nostalgic nonetheless.  this spring, however, there is nothing sweet about pastels-- at least not trotting down a runway.  inspired by the s/s 2010 collections by Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, pastels are reinvented-- soft, whispery yellows, pinks, blues and lavenders juxtaposed on modern silhouettes and graphic cuts.  this 'aint your mom's pastel. 


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have a little bit of a sweet tooth, but not ready to completely indulge?  try introducing pastels into your wardrobe through accessories:

inspiration: style.com
shopthelook: alice+olivia halter, temperley london grecian dress in seafoam green, miumiu billfold, louboutin flats, acne ballet-inspired dress [netaporter.com]
photoabove: studdedhearts


nude, nude, nude

no, not that kind of nude-- you dirty birds.  nude, "the color that almost isn't", has made its way back onto the runway and reclaimed its' name [after that horrible stint in the 80's as the pantyhose color of choice by working women and flash-dancers everywhere].  and, as like most things-- nudes have Chloe's s/s 2010 collection to thank for the come back.  to try it, you'll have to be daring-- as this color is best pulled off in a full monochromatic look.  but.... once you go nude, you never go back. 

inspired by:


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inspiration: fashiongonerogue
shopthelook: preen dress, louboutin heels, miumiu bag, chloe silk blouse, thakoon jumpsuit [available on netaporter.com]



ugh.  it has been dreadfully cold.  this time of year is a dead zone for fashion, in my opinion.  everyone is still bundled up head to toe [not that i blame them]- but the reinvention of spring is right around the corner.  so close... yet so far away.  but a girl can dream.  here is some dreamy, breezy inspiration to hold you over as my blogging resumes:







a new year for fashion

ah... i am never regretful when another year turns.  let 'em fly, i say... i look forward to what is to come-- new chances, new opportunities, new wardrobe.  while the turning of a new year brings forth a lot of "looking back"-- i prefer to skip all of that and revel in what is to come.  for me, it is already all about spring 2010.  my "spring look" is inspired by dries van noten s/s 2010 collection-- sportswear and ethnic prints.  more specifically, a soft, roomy sweatshirt layered over an ethnic print maxi dress or full skirt. 

my inspiration:


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i'm off to finally party some and come down from a busy holiday.... in vegas!  i am sure i'll find lots of inspiration there to share with all of you when i return.

sources: style.com, seaofshoes, jakandjil, shopbop, netaporter, colette, americanapparel