give me liberty prints, or give me death...

ah!  if my dream fashion could be described in two words, 70's summer would do it justice.  i imagine i have long unkempt blonde hair and am running through tall grass in a white gauze dress bursting with small ditsy florals.... which is maybe why liberty prints jump start my heart a bit.  or a lot.  okay, a lot.  florals will never go out of style for me-- nor will i let them be defined by 80's tragedies [no... florals do not make me think of laura ashley.]  they make me think of freedom.  go on-- get free.


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floral inspiration:  fashiongonerogue, studdedhearts, stockholmstreetstyle
shop the look: erdem, stella mccartney, dolce and gabbana [netaporter.com]; joie, alice & olivia [shopbop.com]; stella mccartney, marc jacobs [netaporter.com]

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  1. So - I think you'll get a kick outta this - I'm going to "Dental Prom" with a group of new Seattle friends. It's through my bro's dental school - they rented the space needle for the night! Anywho, I wanna look cute and "edgy" - I know there is a huge range for the "dress code" - men in suits but girls in a wide variety of things. It's in 3 weeks. Ideas, you fashion guru??? Msg me on Fbook. xoxo, Rachel V