finally-- the weather has allowed me to wear a scarf as a part of my everyday uniform.  i no longer melt half way through the day and shed layers like fur-- it is crisp, cool, autumn.  and no autumn outfit is complete without a scarf.  here are three that i "shopped" off of netaporter.com:


now, i am a fan of all fashion over all cultures and respect the differences.  with that said, no one does the scarf like the frenchies.  when jeff and i were in paris last, a frenchie girl [working in a scarf shop, no less] taught me how to tie a proper fashion scarf.  stretch the scarf out length-wise behind your neck, and wrap twice-- leaving an unraveled end on each side.  then, to complete, tie in a little knot and pull to loosen like a big blanket around your neck.  designers are making scarves to copy this look that are one piece that you lay around your neck-- but we all know it's not the same.  here are three great frenchie looks from thesartorialist:



scarves: maje, apc rabbit scarf, missoni snood


  1. What are these new tube scarf things called? A Snood? I might knit one! It's COLD out here!

    Miss you.

    - Rachel V

  2. a SNOOD-- you are correct! you DO need one. i miss you more-- are you my #1 fan? because i am yours.

    me[andmyarrow] :}